About American Laundry Distributors

Customer Testimonials

We've been dealing with Roland from American Laundry Distributors for 18 years now. They sold us and installed our Continental Girbau washers and dryers. We have two 75 lb. washers, one 50 lb washer, and three 125 lb. dryers. They are easy to program, and the staff has no problem operating the machines...they're very user friendly.

Their service department is excellent. They respond quickly and take good care of us. Roland keeps us informed of anything we might need to know as to our needs and what's available to us that might help streamline our operation.

----Scott Bailey, Wardrobe Dept., Seaworld of Texas


We are very pleased with American Laundry's professionalism. They analyzed our needs and recommended the right equipment for the job. They did the installation in a timely manner and in a way in which we could use the washers right away.

We have to wash a lot of clothes from a lot of different venues and these machines really cut down our time. They're very easy to use, you just push a button and the rest is automatic.

We have two Shamu costumes which we used to wash individually, but we can wash them both at one time with these machines, effectively cutting our wash time in half.

----Costume Dept., Seaworld of Texas


There is a log that I used to have--anyone coming in to do service would have to sign it. Now I use Roland from American Laundry Distributors. I trust him enough...he knows everything about my equipment...he doesn't have to sign in and out. I know that he's not gonna "poke my eyes out" - - you know what I mean?

It's important that you have the right person in place when an emergency rolls around. I can just pick up the phone and called them and that's it-they're here. I would recommend American Laundry Distributors to anybody.

The equipment I have purchased from him is outstanding. He was aware of my budget, and said "I know you have a certain amount of dollars to work with", and then he recommended the best equipment for the budget that I had.

Roland's done a good job--he's my man, what more can I say?

----Bill Cruz, USAA Park Lane, San Antonio