Dry Cleaning Facility

From Concept Layout to Opening Day...

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More than ever, people need dry cleaning services, including the rich and famous and whoever who simply needs to look their best in their favorite outfit.

Whether your clients own expensive designer garments or whether it’s just their favorite pair of blue jeans, people trust their dry cleaner to remove spots, repair hems and make sure those garments looking their best. Be respected and thanked by people from all walks of life by just doing what you do best; caring for their clothing as much as they do.

For those with entrepreneurial spirit, becoming a dry cleaner is most likely a great fit. Partnering with our suppliers, we offer comprehensive training to our customers. Even if you have never worked as a dry cleaner before, you will have a thorough understanding of the business following the training available through our experienced staff and industry partners.

Dry cleaning is sometimes considered a "mysterious" process, but it's actually pretty simple: customers just want their clothes taken care of by an expert. Fill that need and success will surely follow.

American Laundry Distributors, Inc. provides insightful information, advices and tips for anyone who is contemplating in entering the Dry Cleaning Industry as well as for seasoned dry cleaners. Numerous hard-to-find resources are providedto help you achieve your success in this highly lucrative and competitive business.

At American Laundry Distributors, Inc, we provide a turnkey solution to the Dry Cleaning Plant ownership experience. We provide location scouting, demographic studies, building specification, sizing, layout and design, financing solutions, and equipment specification, taking the worry and stress out of planning and implimenting your new store.