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Healthcare Facilities Laundry Equipment

healthcare market product iconnursing standing in operating roomContinental's E-Series laundry equipment can tackle any healthcare cleaning job – and in the process – cut utility and labor expenses and dramatically improve laundry productivity.

Most nursing homes, clinics and hospitals are concerned with improving laundry production—getting more done faster! But, quality is also of the utmost importance. With Continental's E-Series commercial washer-extractors, healthcare operations can properly wash a variety of items thoroughly and consistently while improving production dramatically. Sheets, towels, bed pads, blankets, personal items, mop heads and rugs, can all be cleaned using one machine that's properly programmed. Programmability and high-speed extract are key washer capabilities for healthcare facilities. Continental's E-Series laundry equipment – no matter the load – fits the bill.

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Laundry Solutions for Healthcare Facilities.