Industrial Laundry Equipment

Productivity and Streamlining=Profitability.

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When a high production capacity laundry is planned for a facility, the challenge begins for American Laundry Distributors to create a new venture that is capable of obtainiong the maximum profitability for the level of quality demanded.

Obtaining the maximum output from an industrial laundry operation is only possible when the proper equipment is provided for the production needs and the most efficient criteria are applied throughout the operational process.

American Laundry Distributors, Inc. provides consulting, design, specification and equipment for all washroom operations: soiled linen handling and sorting systems, loading devices, continuous batch washers, washer extractors, presses, centrifugal extractors, drying tumblers, clean linen handling and sorting systems.

Industrial laundries, hospitals, hotel chains, textile finishing, catering services and more all stand to benefit from our experience and understanding of this precise and complex industry. Call us today to find out how American Laundry Distributors can help improve workflow and economy for your heavy duty laundry operations.

Also, we specialize in rigging any size of equipment. Whether you need installation or removal, American Laundry Distributors are the experts to call on for this service, no matter how small or large.

Girbau Industrial

Continuous Batch Tunnel Washing System

Unrivalved productivity, efficiency and cleaning flexibility for laundries with medium- to
large-volume needs.

Among the most flexible laundering solutions available, Girbau Industrial's Continuous Batch Washing System delivers unrivaled productivity, energy-efficiency, programmability and results. Configurable to meet the laundering and volume needs of medium- to large-volume laundry operations, the Continuous Batch Washing System— in place across the globe—processes up to 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour using less labor, water and energy.

The system teams a Loading System, Batch Tunnel Washer, Water Extraction Press, Delivery Shuttles and Continuous Batch Pass-Through Dryers. Each machine in the system is seamlessly linked and automatically controlled by a highly programmable Batch Management Tool (BMT). All components can operate independently, together as a system, or seamlessly with other manufacturers' equipment, including bag-loading systems. The Girbau Industrial Continuous Batch Washing System delivers the ultimate in flexibility, efficiency and ease-of-use.

Loading Systems

The Continuous Batch Washing System's Loading Conveyor automatically transports and loads laundry batches, by weight, into the Batch Tunnel Washer. The automatic weighing conveyors are available in three models—two for incline access, and one for horizontal access. Each of the conveyor's compartments holds 110-pound laundry loads.

Continuous Batch Tunnel Washers

Designed to meet any laundry need, Girbau Industrial Batch Washers deliver the ultimate in flexibility, efficiency and wash quality. Thanks to a convenient top-transfer, mono-block design, the TBS-50 Batch Washer is less costly and simpler to install than comparable machines on the market, uses less water and energy, runs quietly and delivers a quality wash for any fabric type. Designed for today and tomorrow, the TBS-50 is an extremely flexible tunnel washer that can be configured according to the unique needs of any high-volume laundry.

Water Extraction Press

Designed to press laundry batches processed in any type of batch washer, the SPR-50 Press optimizes subsequent drying and ironing—making them less time-consuming and more efficient. The press forms a round "cake" of laundry with a flat base. With high-capacity drainage facilities, water is extracted quickly and gently from all types of linen. The SPR-50 single-stage press is available in three different positioning options at the batch washer outlet: in-line, turns to the right, or turns to the left.

The SPR-50 water extraction press is durably constructed and factory tested for problem-free installation. Most of the SPR-50 Press electrical components are the same as those used in the TBS-50 Batch Washer and ST-100 Batch Dryer. They are interchangeable, facilitating easy and convenient servicing.

Shuttle Lifting Conveyors

Shuttle Lifting Conveyors automatically move the pressed "cakes" from the Water Extraction Press into up to six open dryers. The Shuttle Lifting Conveyors—available to fit the specific needs of any high-volume laundry—feature 43.3 x 50.4 inch loading tables handling up to 220 pounds capacity each. Single- and double-cake conveyors are available to meet specific facility needs.

Continuous Batch Pass-Thru Dryers

Offering unsurpassed efficiency, productivity and ease-of-use, ST model dryers (ST-100 at 265-pound capacity and ST-1300 at 140-pound capacity) work seamlessly as part of the Continuous Batch Washing System. Each model offers Spirotilt Technology for automated unloading without dryer tilting. Once laundry "cakes" are loaded into the open dryers, they are untangled, conditioned and/or dried. Continuous Batch Pass-Through Dryers are available in natural gas, steam or thermal fluid heat.

Central Control – Batch Management Tool

The Central Control seamlessly links controls and monitors all components and processes of the Girbau Industrial Continuous Batch Washing System.

Finishing & Folding Systems

Girbau Industrial finishing systems consist of feeders, ironers, folders and stackers designed to increase productivity while producing results that exceed the highest quality standards. Three feeders are available—the DRM compact high-production feeder, the DRF multi-station spreader feeder and the DRF-Lite multi-station spreader feeder. Two ironing systems are available—the PSN-80 Heated-Chest Ironer with one-, two- or three- 32-inch diameter rolls and the PC-120 with one-, two- or three- 48-inch diameter rolls (both offer finishing widths of 118, 130 and 138 inches and gas, steam or thermal fluid heating). Seven folders are available—three for linens, the FL-Smart, FL-King and FL-Lite, four for small pieces and garments, the FT-Maxi, the FT-Poly, the FT-Vest, and the FT-Lite. Three stackers are available—the VOL, the ROT, and the AP-Lite.


The DRF, Girbau Industrial's most technologically advanced feeder, is quickly convertible to handle both large-, medium- and small-piece goods, making it highly desirable for high-volume laundries handling a variety of items. Offering unrivaled productivity, flexibility, programmability and quality, the DRF Spreader Feeder seamlessly and automatically straightens and feeds more than 1,200 large-sized items per hour into any height flatwork ironer. It accommodates one to four operators and one or two lanes simultaneously.

Designed for high-volume feeding of standard-sized linens, the DRF-LITE spreader feeder is the same size as the DRF spreader feeder, but offers fewer options. Capable of feeding 650 pieces per hour from one lane, the DRF-Lite offers two or three operator stations for feeding standard sized linens, including manual direct feed of small dimension goods. The DRF-Lite, which is easy to operate and adjust, is also simple to maintain.

The DRM feeder, designed to save space without sacrificing production, is considerably smaller than other feeders on the market. This makes the DRM a sensible choice for operations with limited space and a need for high-volume finishing. The DRM quickly dresses, flattens and feeds wet items – napkins, tablecloths, sheets and pillowcases – into a corresponding ironer. The result is significantly improved productivity and quality over hand feeding.

Ironing Systems

Engineered for medium- and high-volume laundries where space is at a premium, the Compact 5-in-One Ironing System not only features a compact design, it quickly feeds, irons, folds, stacks and accumulates at speeds of up to 82-feet-per-minute.

The most advanced flatwork ironer on the market, Girbau Industrial's PC-120–in natural gas, steam or thermal fluid heat– delivers superior performance, quality, durability and efficiency and features the advanced Inteli control with complete control over every ironing parameter. Available in 118-, 130- or 138-inch finishing widths with up to three, 48-inch diameter rolls, the PC-120 Chest Ironer processes up to 164 feet of linen per minute and is up to 93% efficient!

The PSN-80 Ironer is a proven global performer backed by more than 35 years of market experience and enhancements. Available in 118-, 130- and 138-inch finishing widths and up to three-roll configuration, the PSN-80 ironer is simple to operate and maintain; designed to meet the needs of any laundry application or linen type; engineered to improve productivity using less labor and energy with up to 93 percent efficiency; and is consistent in ironing results that exceed the highest quality standards.

Flatwork Folders

Specifically designed to handle larger items, Girbau Industrial's FL-King Folder delivers up to three primary folds and three cross folds using one, two or four lanes. Using a combination of blades, a reversing conveyor and air-jet technology, the FL-King offers an advanced touch-screen control, multi-program operation, and quality components for consistent, quality folding.

Girbau Industrial's FL-Smart Folder offers an advanced control, multi-program operation and performs one or two primary folds on one, two or four lanes. The FL-SMART automatically folds a variety of items, including sheets, tablecloths, napkins and pillowcases using a combination of blades, a reversing conveyor and air-jet technology.

Girbau Industrial's FL-Lite Folder performs up to two primary folds on one or two equal lanes and cross folds on one middle lane, with an optional third primary fold. This folder, which works with or without a stacker, delivers standard folding quality with the first cross fold being adaptable in thickness. The FL-Lite quickly folds a variety of items, including sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins.

Drywork/Garment Folders

The FT-Lite quickly and accurately folds small- and large-scale items (47.2 x 94.48 inches) alike. Operators manually feed items onto a feeding table for rapid and accurate folding. The FT-Lite offers superb flexibility and is programmable to create primary and secondary folds. It automatically classifies and stacks items according to their dimensions.

The FT-Maxi automatically sorts, folds and stacks a variety of dry goods – delivering unmatched folding quality in less time. The FT-Maxi eliminates dry good pre-sorting for superior productivity and can sort, fold and stack up to four differently sized items – up to 47.2 x 92.5 inches – simultaneously.

Designed to save labor and boost production, the FT-Poly eliminates dry good pre-sorting for superior productivity! Easy to program and operate, the FT-Poly will sort, fold and deliver items into four stacks ranging in size from 7.08 x 9.2 and 16.4 x 22.8 inches.

The most multi-dimensional Girbau Industrial folder, the FT-Vest comes equipped with an upper headstock that allows items to be turned over for folding in the front position. It also performs sleeve folding. Designed to save labor and boost production, the FT-Vest eliminates dry good pre-sorting for superior productivity! Goods of multiple categories are sorted, stacked and delivered by an automatic conveyor in sets of four.


A highly versatile and economic rotary stacker, the ROT performs the final cross-fold when working in concert with a FL-King or FL-Smart folder. The ROT works by making the third cross-fold, stacking the items in a predetermined quantity, and delivering the stacks using a conveyor.

The VOL drop stacker features an effective drop system and an upper belt which can be adapted to work in concert with a compact folder. The VOL stacks items according to the initially selected quantity, and then discharges the stacks onto a delivery conveyor.

The AP-LITE, which is specifically designed to work with the FL-LITE Folder, stacks items according to the initially selected quantity and number of items per stack. It then discharges the stacks onto a delivery conveyor.

Girbau Industrial Open Pocket Laundry Equipment

For stand alone washing and drying solutions, Girbau Industrial offers open-pocket machines. Two washers are available—the HS-6057 (130-pound capacity) and the HS-6110 (255-pound capacity). Both are available in tilt or stationary models. Two dryers are available—the GT-170 (170-pound capacity) in gas or steam heat and the ST-100 (255-pound capacity). The ST-100 is used with a loading conveyor and is available in gas, steam or thermal fluid heat and tumble-only option.

Engineered to cut water, electrical and gas costs and boost productivity, HS 6 Series high-performance washer-extractors deliver high-speed extract, a freestanding design, unmatched durability, superior energy efficiency and the ultimate in programmability! HS-6 Series Washers are available in 130- and 155-pound capacilty stationary and tilt models.

Engineered for unrivaled ergonomics, energy-efficiency and productivity, the ST-1300 dries up to 140 pounds of laundry in less than 15 minutes. Featuring industry-unique features, including patented vacuum loading and automated Spirotilt unloading, the ST-1300 is perhaps the quickest, most efficient and user-friendly dryer on the market. Available in gas, steam, or thermal fluid heat, the ST-1300 works seamlessly as part of Girbau industrial's Continuous Batch Washing System or in tandem with on-premise washers.

Available in gas, steam or thermal fluid heat or tumble only, the ST-100 Batch Dryer is engineered to unbind, condition and completely dry up to 275 pounds of linen per load, using less energy. When the ST-100 Dryer is used as a stand-alone independent dryer, it works seamlessly with Girbau Industrial's Loading Conveyor.

The GT-170 Drying Tumbler is engineered with quality components, easy-to-use programmable controls and a multitude of features that dramatically increase laundry production and energy-efficiency. With up to 170-pounds of capacity and gas or steam heat, the GT-170 allows maximum production when matched with HS-6 Series Washers.