On-Premise Laundry

From Consultation to Training...

American Laundry Distributors, Inc. is committed to helping on-premise laundries gain production using less energy and labor. At American Laundry Distributors, we offer complete laundry planning services to on-premise laundries in a variety of unique markets, including fire, healthcare, dairy, hospitality and more.

In doing so, we not only design a laundry's layout and workflow, we provide suggestions for equipment mix and programming to meet your operation's specific production and labor requirements. Once we've installed your new laundry equipment, we go a step further and offer in-depth training.

We'll work closely with your facility to educate attendants on more efficient workflow and proper equipment operation. And, we'll meet with chemical representatives to ensure your equipment is programmed correctly - for your unique needs. We even offer service schools so service techs at your location can learn how to maintain and repair our products over years of use.

At American Laundry Distributors we work hard to provide high-quality services to our on-premise clients. In doing so, we'll show you up-front how quality equipment and efficient laundry design can positively impact your operation.

Continental Girbau

Continental Girbau Washer-Extractors, Flatwork Industrial Ironers, Commercial Dryers, Stacker and Folders are highly programmable to meet the individual commercial laundry needs of any commercial laundry.

Continental Girbau Commercial On-Premise Washers

Continental Girbau E-Series WashersE-Series high-performance washer-extractors cut utility costs and labor, while simultaneously bolstering productivity. At on-premise and commercial laundries, there's no better washer-extractor. E-Series Washers are available in 20-, 30-, 40-, 55-, 90-, 130- and 255-pound capacities, feature a soft-mount design and slide into place without need for bolts and concrete foundations. With the ultimate in control programmability and extract speeds reaching up to 387 G-force, E-Series washers perfectly clean virtually any fabric type.

Continental Girbau  MG Series WashersMG-Series Washer-Extractors are Continental's highest performing hard-mount washers. Generating extract speeds of up to 200 G-force, MG-Series Washers remove more water from every load—reducing dry-time, increasing energy-efficiency and catapulting productivity. MG-Series washer are available in 40- and 55-pound capacities.

Continental Girbau  M Series WashersM-Series Washers reach extract speeds of up to 141 G-force and feature a hard-mount design. Available in 25-, 40- and 55-pound capacities, the M-Series line of washer-extractors remove more water during extract from each load, when compared to most other hard-mount washers on the market. In doing so, they cut dry-time and improve productivity over comparable hard-mount washers.

Continental Girbau  L Series WashersGirbau L-Series commercial washer-extractors suit many on-premise and commercial laundries thanks to great programmability and durability. Available in 75- or 125-pound capacities, these work-horse machines also offer solid energy-efficiency to reduce on-premise laundry utility costs.

Continental Girbau Econ-O-Wash Series WashersEcon-O-Wash Washers are ideal for small-load applications at on-premise laundries. Econ-O-Wash top-load washers use less water than most toploads and are constructed for longevity.


Continental Girbau Commercial Dryers for On-Premise Laundries

Continental Girbau Pro Series II DryersPro-Series II commercial dryers offer unmatched programmability, durability and efficiency for use in on-premise laundries. Pro-Series II Dryers feature a simple-to-use yet highly advanced control and properly balanced airflow for quick drying. Available in 30-, 40-, 60-, 65-, 85-, 125- and 175-pound capacity single-pocket models and 30- and 45-pound capacity stack units.

Continental Girbau E Series DryersE-Series
commercial dryers are 25-pound capacity dryers featuring stainless steel top and side panels, an oversized door and axial airflow for maximum moisture removal. E-Series Dryers are well suited for drying smaller laundry loads at on-premise laundries.


Continental Girbau  Econ-O-Dry Series DriersOn-Premise Econ-O-Dry Dryers are appropriate for on-premise laundries, come in 20-pound capacity stack and single pocket models, and feature a robust cylinder and oversized door.

Continental Girbau Gear DryersContinental Gear Dryers
for Fire Departments are engineered to safely and quickly dry personal protective equipment, including turnout gear, helmets, gloves, boots, face masks and self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs).



Continental Girbau Commercial Ironers, Stackers & Folders

Commercial Ironers for On-Premise Laundries

In use across North America, Continental commercial ironers are engineered to specifically fit the needs of on-premise laundries, dry cleaning plants and commercial laundries alike. They're also used to boost profits at vended laundries offering wash-dry-fold and ironing services! All Pro-Series Ironers feature the exclusive AutoSpeed System, allowing for one-pass finishing without dryer conditioning.
continental girbau commercial ironers

Continental Girbau Express Heated Roll IronersExpress Heated-Roll Ironers are engineered for years of trouble-free use and maintenance. Nicely suited for most on-premise laundries and commercial applications, these ironers are available in multiple finishing widths and 13- or 20-inch diameter rolls. Express Heated-Roll Ironers offer no-wax finishing for significantly simplified maintenance.

Continental Girbau Industrial Heated Chest Ironers Pro-Series Heated-Chest Ironers
are rich in unique features – offering ease of use and maintenance. Pro-Series Heated Chest Ironers significantly reduce labor costs and improve productivity at high-volume on-premise and commercial laundries. With steam, thermal fluid and gas heating options, Pro-Series Heated Chest Ironers are available in 118-, 130- or 138-inch finishing widths. (130- and 138-inch for gas models)

Continental Girbau  Compact 5-in-One Orining SystemCompact 5-in-One Ironing System is engineered for medium- and high-volume laundries where space is at a premium, the Compact 5-in-One Ironing System not only features a compact design, it quickly feeds, irons, folds, stacks and accumulates at speeds of up to 50-feet-per-minute.

Continental Girbau Commercial Folders & Stackers for On-Premise Laundries

Continental Girbau FT-Lite Drywork FolderFT-LITE Drywork Folder – An economic, compact and productive folder, the FT-LITE quickly and accurately folds, stacks and classifies a variety of flatwork goods according to their dimensions. With superb flexibility, the FT-LITE can be configured to meet the demands of any on-premise laundry.

Continental Girbau  FL-Lite Flatwork IronerFL-LITE Flatwork Folder and AP-LITE stacker – Adaptable to any ironer on the market, the FL-LITE Flatwork Folder delivers precision folding at processing speeds of up to 164 feet per minute. The FL-LITE can significantly boost the productivity of any laundry—especially when paired with the AP-LITE stacker.

COntinental Girbau AP-Lite StackerThe AP-LITE Drop Stacker features an effective flap system and an upper belt for exceptional stacking quality. Specifically designed to work with the FL-LITE Folder, the AP-LITE stacks items according to the initially selected quantity and number of items per stack. It then discharges the stacks onto a delivery conveyor. Processing up to 100 stacks of 10 per hour (1,000 items), the stacker is programmed via the folder control. The AP-LITE offers optimal protection for operators thanks to side covers, transparent guards and an emergency stop. It requires minimum maintenance and is simple to adjust.