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Commercial Laundry Equipment for
Party and Linen Rental Businesses

hospitality market product iconParty Rental operations require laundry processes that deliver superior results and a quick turn-around. By selecting the right laundry equipment – washer-extractors, industrial ironers and drying tumblers – they can dramatically boost laundry productivity, while using less labor, water, natural gas and electricity.

By replacing top-load and hard-mount washers with soft-mount washers, which produce higher extract speeds – like Continental's Energy Star-qualified E-Series Washer-Extractor – businesses can complete more laundry in significantly less time! Because E-Series Washers deliver extract speeds up to 354 G-force, they remove considerably more water from every load. Because less water is left in the load, dry-time is cut by up to 50 percent – saving gas consumption, labor and improving productivity! To save more gas consumption and improve productivity further, pair the E-Series Washer with a Continental Flatwork Ironer. Linens can be fed directly from the washer into the ironer! This eliminates time consuming and costly dryer conditioning!